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Happy Earth Day.
We are proud to announce our partnership with Colby June in Carbondale Colorado. For each item purchased during the week of Earth Day goes towards our tree plantings!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Another great success, planting 2 trees side by side for another loved one and growing roots together!
Way To Grow!
Happy New Year to all. Thank you for continuing to send all your loved ones for many reasons, tree plantings.
Orders for the holidays being filled for customers all over the United States. Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year.
The Independence Pass Foundation planted approximately 400 seedling trees in a number of locations.
They are an incredible nonprofit and we are so lucky to have the opportunity to plant with them!
We have reached 10k Facebook Likes This is a huge, organic accomplishment from others who love trees like us!
Amazing partnership!
Sugar Pine Foundation planted over 300 seedlings with the Pasadena school children in North Tahoe. With over 50 students and 10 adult volunteers.
Happy Earth Day, Every Day!

We are excited to have new planting partnerships in 2 other states, to support non profits and their mission.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Planting 2 trees side by side for another loved one and growing roots together!
Orders for the holidays being filled for customers all over the United States
Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!
Planting with The Sugar Pine Foundation, North Tahoe
A total of 450 trees were planted
PT4L had 2 separate plantings with the Independence Pass
A total of 905 trees were planted on the pass
Once again, EverGreen Events included Plant Trees 4 Life at their event incredible event.
Boulder Triathlon Series and Tri-Sustainability program. We will be planting their dedicated trees in October. Thank you EverGreen Events for all you do in our communities
Reached 7500 Facebook Likes
Fathers Day was fantastic and a thoughtful gift for all
Mothers Day 2013
Our most successful Mother's Day holiday yet! Thank you for all who have planted in honor of their Mothers
Celebrating 4 amazing years with Plant Trees 4 Life and grateful to all that have made this possible
Valentine's Day "Couples" of trees planted side by side was great
Orders for Christmas and Hanukkah filled for customers all over the country
Happy Holidays and a Wonderful 2013
Planting 550 Trees
Planting 550 Trees on the Independence Pass with local volunteers and the foundation
Weddings and events were filled with trees and gifts of trees being planted!
Thank you to all the event planners local and in the states!
EverGreen Events included Plant Trees 4 Life at their event
Boulder Triathlon Series and Tri-Sustainability program. We will be planting their dedicated trees in October. Thank you EverGreen Events for all you do in our community!
Aspen Magazine shares PT4L
Aspen Magazine shares PT4L is a FANTASTIC idea for an ECO friendly summer gift for any event
Created partnerships in 3 other states to support non profits and their mission
Partnership with Kids Against Devorce
Announced proud partnership with Kids Against Divorce and dedicate to plant 1 million trees together
A Fantastic Valentine's Day!
Thank you for all your orders. Planting 2 trees side by side for another loved one and growing together is pure love!
Happy New Year and thank you for all your holiday orders!!
Orders for Christmas and Hanukkah being filled for customers all over the country!
Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!
Promoting and marketing with a new team to prepare for the holidays of 2011
PT4L has two separate plantings on The Independence Pass
A total of 750 trees were planted for 2011.
PT4L Featured in EdibleAspen Magazine
Click for article - Page 9, left side "GIFT THAT TAKES ROOT".
Aspen Magazine MidSummer issue pg42
"Power Plant" Super charging our forests! That is our goal.
PT4L Sponsors the Aspen Animal Shelter Event
PT4L was a proud sponsor of trees for an event at the Aspen Animal Shelter. Victoria Stilwell, the star of Animal Planet's, It's Me or the Dog was a speaker to raise money for its Spay/Neuter & Rescue Campaign.
PT4L was a vendor at the 2nd Annual ECOFEST in Aspen, Co.
Blending Lifestyle, Business and the Environment
Earth Day Dallas
PT4L was part of the largest Earth Day festival in the USA! 250 vendors, 35,000 people!
KNFO, Aspens local radio interview
David Bach interviewed Pamela Hart: A detailed, 45 minute interview about PT4L

edible Aspen announces PT4L company courtesy of BlueBird Events!
See here for details.
Laura Duksta, New York Times Bestselling Author, in Partnership with Plant Trees 4 Life, Announces Aspen Launch of New Picture Book this April
Press release here.
Partnership with the Sugar Pine Foundation
Announcing the proud partnership with the Sugar Pine Foundation. Please see our FAQ page to learn more about their organization or go directly to their site.
PT4L Mentioned in Denver Daily News
Check out this mention in the Denver Daily News-Town Talk. Fantastic!
A Valentines Day Thank You
Orders for Valentine's Day were fantastic! What a great way to spread the Love with others to plant 2 trees side by side! Thank you for all your orders.
Collaboration with Flying Dog Brewery.
Announcing the collaboration with Flying Dog Brewery for 2 events by Earth Day!
Collaboration with Bluebird Events in Aspen, CO.
Plant Trees 4 Life collaborates with Bluebird Events in Aspen, CO. Please visit their website. An amazing Eco friendly company, for all your event needs.
Business partnership with NY Times bestselling book author Laura Duksta
Business partnership with NY Times bestselling book author, Laura Duksta, announces their national launch will be in Aspen, CO in April. PT4L is in the back of every book that will be sold. "The World is a Gift to You and You are a Gift to the World"
New product launched
New product launched before the holiday season. A live tree wrapped in burlap and sent to your recipient, as they plant at home and create their own roots, for only $18.99.
Holiday orders being fulfilled. An amazing end to an incredible year of growth!
Happy and Healthy New Year to All. Plant a Tree for any occasion!
PT4L partners with major national company, adds Live Tree Gift
Plant Trees 4 Life is parterning with a major national company, to be announced before Earth Day 2011 and proudly added a Live Tree gift option sent directly to you or your recipient.
PT4L featured in Groupon for 4th and 5th time in less than one year!
Planting with volunteers, the IPF for
We planted many trees organized by Mark Fuller on the Pass in Aspen, CO!
PT4L & Canary Initiative Planting Trees with Colorado Kids
Articles of this event on the Huffington Post , The Aspen Times and Owl Farm Blog
Partnership with The Canary Initiative, Aspen, Co
The Canary Initiative raises money to offset Carbon Emissions in Aspen, CO
Press Release for PT4L and Groupon
Side-by-Side tree planting FOR $21, featured as the Side Deal of the Day on Groupon Fresno, California ASPEN, COLO. – August 20th 2010 – Plant Trees 4 Life based out of Aspen , CO whose mission is to plant trees which supports the future of our planet for our children will be featured as a Side Deal of the Day on Groupon Fresno on Monday and Tuesday August 23rd and 24th.
“We are thrilled and excited to have a 3rd feature on Groupon. A company that takes small businesses and puts them in front of more people than imaginable. We have the ability to plant trees in all 50 states and are excited Groupon believes in Plant trees 4 Life and the goal to plant 1,000,000 trees in 10 years. They are on the cover of Forbes this week and we feel honored they picked our company to be on Groupon for the 3rd time this year!” Pamela Hart owner of Plant Trees 4 Life
“Wow!!! What an amazing feat for Pamela and her company. This is a very big deal and will create some big momentum for Plant Trees 4 Life. We are stoked to be working with this dynamic company.” Casey McConnell CEO of Qittle
Partnership with Author, NY Times Bestseller Laura Duksta
I Love You More - Over 350,000 Copies Sold!
Generating the conversation of love around the world...
1st YouTube videos released for Plant Trees 4 Life
Aspen Middle School Basecamp. Many thanks to Brandy, The Basecamp kids and the management at the Aspen school district!
Preparing and planting Basalt Elementary with PIE.
2 days.
20 man hours.
4 Maple Flames 2" caliber.
A huge success to be a part of!
4/24/10 and 4/25/10
PT4L joined The 1st Annual Aspen Eco Fest
A celebration of Earth Day with 40 vendors at the base of Buttermilk Mountain.
What an amazing success for all!
Basalt Elementary Fundraiser for Earth Day
A program developed with P.I.E. to raise funds to donate to the school and plant trees.
We will update you on the amount of trees planted the end of May! What an amazing chance to help bring awareness to the generation that will make all the difference in our world!
Lynn University, Boca Raton
Plant Trees 4 Life partners with Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida to create a sanctuary on campus for the lives lost in Haiti.
PT4L joined Rockland Community College Earth Day Festival
Bringing awareness to the students and community.
Aspen Daily News Ad in the "GREEN" section for Earth Day week.
Joined Twitter and Facebook to reach a wider audience in the Social Media World.
Benefit Concert
Benefit Concert for Mercy and Sharing foundation and the Children of Haiti at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, CO.
Tonight-Revolutions Skating Club presents "Winter Showcase" A free skating show. Donations from PT4L will support the Revolutions Skating Club, a nonprofit organization dedicated to area children and figure skating.
Radio Interview with KSPN, Aspen CO
If we were two trees, I would totally tree-date you Boulder, CO
Qittle Mobile Marketing Client “PLANT TREES 4 LIFE” has biggest day yet!
Announcement on and
Every tree planted through in memory of Hunter S. Thompson will have a portion of all proceeds donated to the Gonzo Foundation
Plant Trees 4 Life in The Aspen Times.
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PT4L with Independance Pass Foundation Executive Director Mark Fuller & Volunteers
PT4L Founder Pamela Hart with kids and friends planting some more trees on Independence Pass.